Something happened to me yesterday that was totally amazing. (Well…maybe not to you but it was amazing to ME.)  It was a shift. Just a small shift in my thought process that–in the end–brought me a HUGE reward.

I woke up yesterday morning and was getting ready to go to work. I finished brushing my teeth, and turned the faucet off in the bathroom and was drying my hands, when I heard drip…drip…drip…And I thought what is that? I looked down at my feet, and water was dripping out from the cabinet under the sink.  I opened the door and it was just flooded in there.

Ok let me say….in my past experiences, when something like this would happen, I would immediately think “I can’t deal with this.”  And in truth that thought started to enter my head, but I stopped it and thought “Ok. I can deal with this. ”  The water had stopped dripping, but I knew there was something seriously wrong still, so I put a bowl under the pipes and off to work I went.  Normally…(or abnormally, perhaps)  I would stress all day until it was fixed or I had a resolution in my head for the problem.  I reminded myself, that if I am going to be a home owner, I would have to learn to deal with this kind of thing, and then I put the whole thing out of my head and didn’t think about it all day.

When I got home, I got a light and looked under the sink again and  saw that two pipes had come apart.  I looked at them…saw how they went together, and put them back together. It didn’t want to stay, so I sort of shifted the whole group of pipes, just a bit, and then tried it again, and it worked like a charm. (Oh! Let me back track for a second. While the pipes were still apart, I got an old paint brush and stuck the handle up the main drain pipe and scraped a bunch of gunk out that had been causing the drain to run slow.) I got up then and ran some water, and voila’! No leaking. I had fixed it myself.

My point is this….I have been working very hard to stop the negative thoughts when they come into my head.  I AM capable of doing things on my own. Which seems silly when I think about it….I always have been capable of doing things on my own. I have just never BELIEVED that I could. And maybe….just maybe…I am starting to believe!

(Thank you, God for sending me strength and knowledge!)