Through the “miracle” of social networking,  I have re-connected with several people that I went to gradeschool with. That was sooooooo long ago, and so much has happened since then! Probably more than I care to remember, and a whole lot that I have forgotten about.  But, I thought I might try blogging a condensed version of things in case any one is interested. I know that I am interested in their lives.  (I went from 1-7th grade with some of these people, and moved when I was a time when friendships are really starting to become important!)

I don’t remember if I was shy or not during grade school. I don’t remember being shy, but maybe that is something you don’t really notice until you are older.  Being uprooted from the kids that I grew up with at the age of 13, was a tough thing, and being the new kid in a school at the age of 13 was quite a challenge. I made friends, but I noticed that I was rather shy during this time. That continued all through out high school.  I participated in pep club in high school, and went to all of the football games, and basketball games. I worked in the library during study hall, and one year I worked in the guidance counselors office. (yeah….geek me.) 🙂

I was not an outstanding student.  Just average. I was a horrible freshman, but my grades improved each year. I graduated 54 out of 157 kids. Average. (Just the way I wanted it, too.) It seemed like I struggled to make good grades, either that or it just came easy to both of my brothers!

When I was 15, I entered a contest about the United Nations sponsored by the Oddfellows and Rebekah’s and was sent on a trip to New York. We visited the United Nations, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Gettysburg, and even went into Canada. I think I was gone for two weeks, but that too was a long time ago! However, that trip was awesome and still think about it occasionally.

High School was stressful. LOL. I suspect it is stressful for most teenagers, though. Our class “1972” was the first class in many years to get a Senior Trip, which we took to Pensacola Florida. My 18th birthday was the first time I ever saw the ocean. It was awesome.

I went to East Central College after I got out of high school.  I was there for a year and a half when real life reared its ugly head. I was pregnant, got married, had a kid, got a divorce all within the next two years. I did go back and at least finished my Associates Degree in psychology graduating in May 1976.  After that I got a job so that I could support my son and myself.  I remarried in September of 1980.  Had my daughter in 1982, and my youngest son in 1986. Was married to my husband for almost 18 years when we  split up in 1998.

At that time, I moved to St. Louis. Talk about culture shock! From Sullivan Missouri to downtown St. Louis! I lived in a high rise apartment building across from the Savvis Center until 2006.  I worked in the IT department for the home office of Sears Portrait Studios during that time.  Met some wonderful people (and some not so wonderful people too!)

During the years following my divorce I was searching for some direction.   I asked God to allow me to serve Him somehow, and I also began to pray for a place in the country to live. In the spring of 2006, a friend of mine approached me with an idea. Her mother in law who lived in Southern Illinois was 93 years old and had dementia, and was no longer capable of staying by herself.  They (she and her husband) asked me if I would consider moving in with her and taking care of her until she either passed away or her health dictated that she be moved to a nursing facility. In return for my service, they would deed her house to me when my service was complete.

It seemed that God had dropped this opportunity right into my lap. So, I said yes.  I resigned from my job and packed my things and moved to Southern Illinois. My time taking care of the sweetest old lady I have ever had the good fortune to know, was truly a blessing to me.  It was undoubtedly one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but by far the most rewarding (excluding mothering my children).  In the summer of 2008, her health became fragile enough that she needed more nursing care than I could give her, so her family moved her into a healthcare facility near her oldest son.  And now I am a home owner. 🙂

After my service was complete, I began to look for a job, and found one as an Administrative Secretary for a Baptist Church in Carbondale. I LOVE this job! The people are wonderful to work for and it is fulfilling on many different levels.

In my spare time, I paint and draw and write poetry and READ READ READ. And life is just soooo sweet….