Yesterday, my friend Cathy posted a blog about judgement that might be read here.  

This is a subject that I seems to come up in my thoughts a lot these days, and I don’t know if I am just noticing it more, or if it is just occurring more, but I see a lot of people standing in judgement of others these days.  And I don’t mean to set myself outside of that statement, because I am as guilty as anyone, I suspect.

But it breaks my heart when it happens to teenagers and children, because they are so impressionable and so easily hurt. As adults we should be uplifting those young ones and encouraging them as much as possible. Last night, I was sitting at a table in preparation for Bible Study. An elderly lady, was sitting on my left and several other older  people sat in the same group.  Across the fellowship hall from us, was the door to the outside, and in walked a teenaged girl with pink hair. “Love the hair!”  I called out to her, and was rewarded with a smile that warmed my heart. I figure it took a lot of courage for her to follow her own path in that way.

The lady next to me said, “Oh No! She did not dye her hair pink!”

“I like it!” I said.

A few moments later I heard another lady whisper to the lady at my  side “Did you see XXXXX? She dyed her hair pink!” The whole group started mumbling about the pink hair, and the lady next to me said “Jerene likes it.”

I laughed out loud. I turned to them and said, “There are soooooo many things much worse than  pink hair!” They all shut up.

I was so baffled by the fact that they just couldn’t see the amazing courage and independence in that girl!  Instead they saw it as a negative thing…something…WRONG.  (Need I repeat that we were in a CHURCH? That the  young girl with pink hair was ALSO in CHURCH?)  I celebrate those kids who have the courage and the independent thinking to follow a path that is so different from everyone elses! Without kids like that we wouldn’t have had people like….Albert Einstein….Leonardo da Vinci…..Stephen Hawking….and on and on and on! That kind of independence and courage is what takes society and knowledge to a higher level.

And all I can say?