The days are strange lately. Unsettling to say the least. The weather has been uncharacteristically violent.  People are on edge. A woman (who is normally well behaved) growled at me at work.  The economy sucks, and there is an underlying tension about the future.

So, this morning, I am sitting on my front porch…in the peace and pre-heat of the day and I am starting to read Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth,” which I have owned for a while, but just have never read. In the very first chapter of the book, he talks about how during the 20th and into the 21st centuries, millions upon millions of people have been killed through wars and genocide. How the earth is being decimated of her natural resources.  When out of NOWHERE, a chocolate lab comes around the corner of my house, and he’s wearing a purple muzzle.  He notices me and looks at me, but doesn’t stop, and continues his walk and disappears around the other corner of the house, and the world stops for a moment. I feel like I have lapsed into a lucid dreaming state. I sit quietly for a moment or two and then the world starts again.

First thing you should know….I do NOT believe in coincidences.  So, I have to start thinking about what this means.

Dogs normally symbolize intuition, loyalty, generosity, protection, and fidelity. The color purple symbolizes devotion, healing abilities, loving kindness, and compassion. Hmmmm. A muzzle prohibits a dog from barking and/or biting so I am thinking that the purple muzzle would represent the antithesis of those qualities that the dog symbolizes but also represents the fact that those qualities are still there because the color of the muzzle itself symbolizes some of those same qualities.  In light of what I was reading at the time…this makes sense to me.

And before y’all start jumping my case….no tequila before bed was involved in said situation….:)