Yesterday was Memorial Day. The day we remember those who died in service of their country, and the day we also remember those who have gone on before us.

Memorial day always puts me in a contemplative place as I am sure that it does many people.  My mother was only 63 when she died.  I am only six years away from that age, and I hardly feel like I have even started to live!  But there are things I wish I could say to her. Things like “I understand and I love you”. But the time for that is gone. (Altho I like to think on some level she still hears that.)

I guess what I am really getting at is  Don’t wait to tell people how  you feel about them. If you love someone tell them. (But do it without expectation.) If you admire someone tell them.  If you are proud of someone (especially your children) tell them.  If you are sorry for something you did or said tell them. If you think t hey look nice, or they have a great smile tell them. Not only will  you make someone feel good, you will feel good yourself.

And when you come to the end….as we all will someday….you can look back and say…I loved fully…..