I have seen the parades on Memorial Day. You can’t have lived to the age of 57 and have not seen them. I have seen the VFW halls that exist in every small midwest town in America. I have seen grave after grave after grave in cemetaries flying a small flag in honor of a fallen war heroes. I KNOW what Memorial Day is all about. (At least intellectually, I know.)

But it wasn’t until this morning….when  I watched a video about WWII veterans (that video may be seen here) that it really rocked me to the core with this question:

What if…

Adolph Hitler had succeeded?

What would America be like? Would we be living in a police state? Would we have any freedoms? Would I even be alive? The questions are un-ending and way too much to wrap around my head.  And it isn’t just about Hitler. It’s about every evil hearted person who thought (thinks) that they can rip away the freedom from every person on this planet. We OWE our very existence to every WWII vet…and every vet who put their lives on the line so we can live.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart….We owe it all to you….