As part of my morning ritual, I meditate and then I drag out my journal to write. This is a habit that I developed after reading Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way” many years ago. The original purpose of the journaling was to write three pages every morning (what Julia labeled “morning pages”) as a way of emptying all the crap out of my head. The pages of whining and bitching about whatever was driving me crazy at the time. It then morphed into a prayer journal (of sorts) in which I begged God to intervene and change my life.
After I moved here to southern Illinois, my life did change, and in fact I started noticing that God had fulfilled every wish and prayer that I had asked for. Maybe not in the way I had envisioned, but within a way that I could see it had been answered. That’s when the journaling started to morph into a journal of thanksgiving. I still record things going on in my life and whine and bitch on occasion too. But the art of writing those things down and writing things down that I am thankful for have lead to “letting go” of them.
I had just finished meditating this morning and reached for my journal and a pen. I wrote the date, and under it I wrote “A day that will live in….” My thought before I started writing that was the FDR quote “A day that will live in infamy.” However, when I got to the last word, I could NOT remember the word, no matter how hard I tried. So I left it blank.
Then I started laughing. Another lesson, don’t you see? God plucked that word from my head, so that I could “fill in the blank.” How the day lives in my history, is entirely up to me. I can let it be “infamous” or I can let it be “famous”. I get to CHOOSE. (As soon as I acknowledged the lesson, the word came back to me.)
God’s a joker like that sometimes….:) He will use whatever method he can to present the lesson!



The day has been “famous.” A day of peace and tranquility and spring weather. Sunshine and cool temps. Time spent outside. Time spent inside. Balanced…and loved…