There is this dog I know. Well, I don’t know him well, but I see him most mornings on my drive to work.  He waits with his “kids” for the school bus to come.  Sometimes, if I am a minute or two later than usual and am behind the bus, he will be trotting back up the driveway to his house.  Normally, however, I am before the bus so he is laying by the road.

This is where it gets interesting.  ( Bet you have been waiting for that part, huh?)  If I am the first in a string of cars, he just lays there. However, if I am the last in the string…or the only one…the whole thing changes.  As I get closer, our eyes meet.  His ears perk up, and his muscles start to tense the closer I get. When I pull up even with him, he leaps to his feet and starts chasing me. Usually at this point I am screaming “Bring it on doggy boy!”  Poor pooch. He never wins. As soon as I draw ahead I give a look in the rear view mirror to see him turning around and trotting back to his “kids.” He never leaves them very long, you know.

I love this dog, and he brings a whole new level of joy to my day!  I hope he never catches me…or any other car, because I would be devastated to see him lay by the road unmoving…Watch over this hound, God. He is so precious!