Matthew's senior picture

Matthew and I together

Today is my oldest son’s birthday. He is 36 years old today. What a day this was in 1975! Six weeks too soon, and I was in labor. I drove myself to the hospital. (Drove myself home too when I was released.) My mother and my brother and my grandmother met me there. They took me back to a room and mom and my brother had an errand to run, so grandma sat there and held my hand. When it came time to go to the delivery room, mom wasn’t back so Grandma walked with me (holding my hand) all the way to the delivery room, but they wouldnt let her come in with me. (I always remember Emma holding my hand on this day. How tender she was and how supportive she was.)

My point that I am trying to get to, is that day I gave birth to one of the world’s best sons. For the first five years of his life, it was just him and I and we kind of grew up together. So, since I posted pictures of his sister on  HER birthday, I thought I would post a

Matthew and his Grandpa

few of him as well.

12 yr old Matthew holding his newborn little brother

Matthew's first Christmas