I showed some of my paintings at a talent show last night that was sponsored by the church that I work at.  The people t here said very nice things about them, all in all. At least the ones who commented to me about them. I felt very encouraged by the feedback that I received.

One lady offered me the most accurate insight that anyone has ever verbalized to me. She said, “This one is the happiest.  The rest of them are so….so…” “Dark?” I suggested.  “Yes!” she said.  Then she pointed to the two papier mache boxes that I had painted with pretty flowers. “And these are just pretty.”

“I painted those while I still lived in St. Louis before I moved here.” I told her.

“Oh! That makes sense. It’s like you had all your evilness stuffed in the boxes there, and when you got here, its all coming out and the  “good” is on the inside of you now.”  I know this lady, and she meant absolutely no harm in what she was saying. We both giggled at this and I told her that she was right on the money and that she should have been a shrink! I felt like I owed her $80 for a session!

But she is right. My word does  have a darkness to it.  And I have been moving through that “darkness” inside to get it out so that the light can shine, and I have been making amazing progress. I suspect though, that there will always be a touch of darkness in some of my work. After all…..how do we ever know the light, if we have never seen the dark?