I think about this alot.  About why we need validation. And we all do…that’s why we blog…we Facebook….we Tweet…whatever it is we do, and the responses that we get somehow validate us. How many times have we posted things and not gotten a response, and then think “Why didn’t anyone comment?”   I am talking about myself as much as anyone, but I can’t think that I am the only one.  Perhaps I just notice this more because I live alone, and spend a great deal of my time alone? I don’t know.

My point is, that it disturbs me that I seem to “need” validation outside of myself.  (Especially since I have been on this kick about not needing to justify myself to anyone!) I don’t think I can have it both ways, so somehow I need to find my own validation within. And that is what I am working on.

My best friend, God, sent me validation this morning though. 🙂 Totally unasked for too! I was driving to work, and traveling in a northeasterly direction. The sun was shining, even though it was fairly cloudy, so I put on my sunglasses.  And there it was.  Just a little patch of rainbow.  I took my sunglasses off to see if I could see it without them, and it just appeared to be sort of a yellowish color cloud. But when I put the sunglasses back on, there was the little patch of rainbow again.  Those of you that know I am an artist,  can probably imagine how I felt about that little patch of brilliant color amidst the gray clouds.  It was as if God were saying….”Everything is going to be alright.”  Validation. I am on the right path.   Tears came to my eyes, and such a feeling of gratitude came over me. I am so blessed!