I took the afternoon off today. I had the time coming so I thought I would go home and work in the studio. First, though, I needed to make a quick stop at Wally world to pick up provisions. I did my quick tour of the store and got the things I needed, and went up to the front to check out. Of course, there weren’t many checkers and all of the lines were busy and I was going to have to WAIT. Those of you that know me well know that I am NOT a patient waiter! With a sigh of resignation, I carefully picked the line that had two other ppl in it, but I thought it would be the fastest. WRONG.

A lady of about 75 or so was unloading her groceries and she picked up her box of blueberries, and she didnt realize it was open. Yeah. Blueberries went everywhere. (They roll, you know!) So she tells the checker, who does nothing, and then she bends over to try to pick them up off the floor. Finally the checker catches a clue and grabs some paper towels and comes around to help. Realizng that paper towels are NOT the tool to clean up blueberries with, she goes to the greeter and gets a broom and a waste pan. She comes back and hands the elderly woman the broom and she holds the waste pan. Yeah. You read it right. The customer had to clean up the mess.

But the elderly lady was handling it all well, and soon she was finished checking out and going out the door. The lady in front of me checked out and then it was my turn. After I had paid for my things, I went out the door thinking, ‘Gosh, I wish that little elderly woman was still here. I’d like to say something nice  to her. Maybe it would make her feel better about what happened.’ I was pretty sure she was long gone though. After all, there had been a person in between us in line.

I get to my car and wonder of all wonders, there is the elderly lady. Not only is she STILL there, she was parked right across from me. (Coincidence? I think not! Read blog from earlier today)  I smiled and said to her “M’am. I just wanted to tell you how much I admired your composure during the whole blueberry incident.”

She gave a little laugh and said, “Frustrating wasn’t it?”

“Sometimes, you just have to wait.” I replied. “But I am sure I would not have been as nice about it. That checker should have called someone else to clean it up.”

The lady smiled and replied, “Maybe so.  But I learned a long time ago not to be aggravated by that kind of thing, because in the long run…it all works out. Everything is okay.”

I smiled back at her and told her to have a nice day and I got in my car. My eyes teared up, and I whispered a “Thank You, God” as I drove off.  In the offering of grace to her….I received some VALIDATION and grace in return. And that, my friends, made the wait worthwhile.