I had quite the epiphany this morning.

I was thinking about my children, as I do quite often. Yesterday was Kelly’s birthday, and her older brother Matthew took her into the city yesterday to shop and for dinner.   It reminded me of the time when he was driving a truck over the road and took her traveling with him for a few weeks one summer.   I am sure they must have had an awesome time that summer, and yesterday as well.  That made me think about all of the kids. Together. As a family.  That’s when I had my epiphany.

When my exhusband and I got married, we each had children, and we decided between us that no matter what our families thought, said, or did, that we were going to make sure that the kids grew up knowing each other as brothers and sisters.  None of this half sister crap. None of this step brother crap. But brothers and sisters.

All of the decisions that we made, even when we got divorced, were made to insure that they remained the core of the family as brothers and sisters.  And I am happy to now KNOW, that it was the right thing.  We had succeeded in doing what we had set out to do, which was to make them a solid family together. Brothers and sisters.  And I know that no matter what has happened, what can happen, and what will eventually happen (with the loss of their mother and father to time) they will remain…a family. Brothers and Sisters.  I thank their father for his part in that, but I thank God most of all…for letting us know that making them strong as a family would be the most important thing that we would do.

I love you kids….more than you can possibly know, and I am SOOO proud of you all!