Today was the day.

The day when the shift occured.  The shift…in my head…is when the thoughts of “oh-god-I-just-can’t-take-any-more-winter” turn to “Yes! It is almost spring!” It feels like March outside. There is a wicked wind and the temps are in the sixties. Cloudy, yes, but with the occasional peek of sunshine.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t HATE winter.  It’s just that it is more difficult to live alone (for me) in the winter than it is any other time of year.  I feel weighted down by the emptiness of my house in the winter.  Too cold to sit on the porch. Too dark too early.  The constant running of the furnace. The high price of gasoline. Yadda Yadda Yadda.  My emotions are more raw and on the surface in the winter.   Yet even in the winter, there is a rare beauty to the earth that manages to seep through my veil of self pity and angst. The colors….the shadows…even the monochromatic days have their own beauty.

But I am really glad that the shift came today. Yes I know that there will be more cold days. More gray days. Maybe even more snow days.  However, the time change comes in three weeks, and the official start of spring is just four weeks away.  We will have warmer days.  Longer days.  And….just maybe…happier days….

At least that is my hope.