I got a hair cut yesterday. Well, not just one hair but all of them, and fairly short too.

I like my hair this way.  Have always liked it short. It is easier to take care of….sort of punky looking.  It fits me. I must confess though, that I have fallen into that trap of letting it grow because it was sexier….someone liked women with long hair….blah blah blah.  When I was married…I stopped coloring my hair because HE didn’t like it.  I would occasionally get pissed off and get it cut because I knew he liked it long.  I am such a rebel. 🙂  I started coloring my hair again before we separated, because it was what I wanted. Have done the same things as a single woman. Tried to make myself be what someone else THOUGHT I should be. Have refrained from saying what I wanted because I thought it would make someone not like me.  Have tried to be what others have thought I should be.  And have ended up  stressed out and with no one staying for the long haul anyway.



I am 56 years old. Today I declare my independence.  I am who I am. I will say what I believe. I will think what I will think. I will do what I will do and I will be perfectly comfortable and responsible for those things. I will NOT justify myself to anyone just because they think I should. That doesn’t mean I will be unkind on inconsiderate of others, but I will NOT change myself just to please someone anymore. Accept me for who I am…or move along, li’l doggie.

My promise is this ….I will not expect you to be something you are not either…just let me be me.