Something I read earlier in the week has been STUCK in my head, and I have to confess, it has  effected me greatly:

“Everything you THINK,  say, or do is a reflection of what you have decided about yourself; a statement of WHO YOU ARE, an act of creation in your deciding who you want to be.”–Neale Donald Walsch. (Caps emphasis is mine.)

I believe that I have been living in error, thinking that it only mattered what I say and what I do. However, what I THINK is maybe the start of it all, and perhaps the most important.  I have been living with a litany of negative thoughts. “I can’t”. “I am alone.”  “I am not that smart.” All of these things are errors …an inner litany of constant negativity, which I have to STOP.  (How much better would my outlook on life be, if I replaced that litany with “I am capable.” “I am loved.” “I am never alone.”?)

Time for a new Litany….