I was thinking this morning about how often by this time of December people are already sick of Christmas. The stores have been pumping “holiday spirit” into us well before Halloween, and its just getting old.  And it seems to start earlier and earlier each year.

Perhaps that is a good thing. Perhaps if we get “sick” of their brand of Christmas we can get back to the REAL reason for Christmas in time.   Perhaps its time for us to lay aside the Christmas carols, and the gift wrap, and the endless trips to a store full of rude anxious people. Perhaps its time for us to step back from all of that and go into the quiet. You don’t actually have to GO anywhere to go into the quiet.  Just be still.

We still live in paradise.  The sun comes up everyday.  Yesterday morning, it made the frost on the trees look like liquid gold. The redbirds are a splash of crimson against the snow. Drink in the beauty of this paradise. This is the wrapping paper for the “real” Christmas gift. The “holiday” lights of our natural christmas trees.   This time of cold and winter bring forth an opportunity to meditate on the most precious gift of all….God himself, who came to us through a virgin, and was made human.  Who came to paradise to experience all that we do, so that he would KNOW exactly what it is like to be human. And in the end? He gave his very life as a gift, so that we …..who get lost in this season.. could have life everlasting.

This is the real Christmas spirit, and I thank you Father…for giving it to me….