I almost did it. (Well, I actually DID do it, and then realized what I had done and then backtracked. ) I try never to respond to comments that are meant to discredit something I have said or posted. After all, we are all entitled to our beliefs, but I fell into that trap this morning.

I posted a video on Facebook this week about Albert Einstein as a small child arguing the presence of God with one of his professors. I have heard before that it was not a true incident. Whether it really happened or not is of no consequence in my opinion, because the arguments that he makes are totally believable to me.

I don’t expect people to have the same beliefs that I do and I totally respect your right to believe something entirely different. What I don’t especially appreciate, is someone being disrespectful to a belief system just because YOU think it is wrong. If that happens, I will remove your remarks, which is what I did on Facebook this morning. I also removed my responses to them, because you are entitled to your belief and it was wrong of me to not respect that, and for that I apologize.

In my opinion, it is the idea that we are somehow entitled to tell people that they are “wrong” that has the world in the shape it is in. This country was founded on the basic freedoms of speech and religion and I am pretty sure that I am STILL guaranteed those rights. So…I will continue to post what I think…and what I believe….and if you must be disrespectful to me and prove me somehow “wrong?” do it on YOUR Facebook page and not as a response to something I have posted. I promise I won’t object as long as it’s on your page. (After all…you are protected under the constitution as well.) 🙂

Have a wonderful day Y’all!