“Painting is a blind man’s profession. He paints not what he sees, but what he
feels, what he tells himself about what he has seen.”- Pablo Picasso

I came across this quote by Picasso a couple of days ago, and found it most profound. In regard to my budding artistic efforts, I think it is a very accurate discription of “art.” I suppose, that I have been as “guilty” as anyone in regarding a piece of art and labeling it “good” or “bad.” But I rather think that you can’t label art in that respect, because to do so would invalidate someone’s perspective of what they have felt or seen. To me, art is exactly what Picasso said it was…a visual interpretation of someones thoughts or feelings…their perspective of what they have seen.

Each one of us walks through life seeing things and events through our own personal “historical” filters. For example. a trip to a circus and seeing circus clowns, might seem like a fairly innocuous thing, but for a person who has seen the movie “IT” by Stephen King, or in some other way, has been scared by a person in clown make-up, it might be a matter of utter horror. Therefore to judge anyone’s visual interpretation of such a subject is valid only to the person who interprets it.

So, perhaps instead of judging art, or music, or literature….if we come across something that is not “our cup of tea” perhaps we should just acknowledge it for what it is and not use terms like “good” or “bad.”

I feel the same way about people too. We all have different looks, opinions, lifestyles, and although we might not choose someone else’s, that doesn’t necessarily make them wrong. Just different.