In the darkness, a voice whispered softly in my ear,
“Will you dance with me?”
I knew that the only way forward was to acquiesce.
Tentatively, I laid my hand lightly in his, his touch feather-gentle.
The hand at my waist firm, but flexible…
And we stood there.
“We are stuck! We are not moving!” I whispered.
“I am waiting for you to lead,” the voice said. “I am here to light
your path, but YOU must choose the way.”
In the stillness, I had to choose…
Do i stand? Or do I dance?
Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes,
I hesitantly moved my feet, and he followed with me.
We moved slowly at first, in the lessening darkness.
His hands steadfast in their gentle grip.
Little by little, my feet kept moving….
smoother….faster…and with each step
my confidence grew, until we were gently whirling–
awash in a golden light.
When I opened my eyes, I gazed out on the mirrored universe
and saw myself bathed in Light, which was reflected back to me.
At my feet, lay a single feather and I bent to pick it up.
“Where did you go?” I queried softly.
“I am still here. I’ve ALWAYS been here–
but YOU had to choose to dance.”  The voice said, gentle in my ear,
and smiling softly,
I began to whirl….