During my morning meditation this morning, I had a moment of total enlightenment. I saw myself not being separate from my source, as being a part of the divine energy of life, and I knew in that instant, that something very basic, but very vital, had changed for me.

I have felt alone most of my life, and as time passed by, I understood a basic truth. That if I were going to have the life I wanted, it had to come from ME. That no one else would give me the strength, the courage to do what I had to do in life. That no one could change things for me, that I had to do it myself. I would cry out to God to change things, knowing that they would change, that He could help me change….but that I had work towards that myself. He would not just hand it to me. ( I believe that He CAN do that, but I think He wants us to be aware of the power we have to do that in our own lives.)

This morning in my meditation, I felt very VERY connected to that spiritual energy that comes from God, and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of it all, and all I could pray were prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude. My realization is, that we each have the power to change the world. Not in some huge one shot “magical” gesture, but in small loving ways that show people we appreciate them and can see their courage and fortitude on their own path. Changing one thought at a time. One act of kindness at a time. One negative thought stopped in its creation and changed into a thought of love and acceptance. This then, is being a part of The Source. I am not alone. That in me, which has desired change and worked towards that, is that Source.  My strength, my courage, my passion, my ART…all comes from the source of creation. God in ME.  Changing the world….one small thing at a time….Love….that really is all there is….