Sometimes I wonder about myself. (Well, actually I wonder about myself ALOT but thats an entirely different blog…LOL) Where does the art come from? I think that it is heavily influenced by my subconcious. When I look at my completed works, I have a lot of really GOOD stuff…but I wouldn’t call it pretty…or beautiful…or (God forbid) “nice.”

There is a real dark side to my art. Visually striking, at least to my eye, but none the less dark. Even those images that seem to be of a more up beat subject matter, I have framed them with black water color as if to pull your focus right into the image.

Yesterday, I completed a piece of art…that I think is truly beautiful. But even still….it has a “dark” aspect for me. The colors  were bold and dark around the edges of the drawing.

I think that allowing the “darkness” to come out artistically, is a lot more acceptable than just unleashing it on the world  in ways that I have before.  I am not as angry as I used to be, and its not buried nor am I in denial. (Which I have experienced both of those things!) Just an acceptance that there are things that I cannot change, and becoming more peaceful about it. Doesn’t mean the darkness isn’t there….but now I just acknowledge it…and move on.

Yes…I can make beautiful art…..and maybe someday I will do “nice” art….but I sort of suspect…there will always be a dark edge to it….and I am ok with that 🙂