Somedays, anger is the fuel that keeps me going.

This morning, early, I set out to do some painting. (My normal routine on a day when I don’t work.) After several false starts, smearing oil paint with my fingers, and then tearing the paper up and throwing it into the trash can, I found myself in tears and swearing and saying awful things to myself. Loudly proclaiming I was a charletan and had no talent whatsover.

Five minutes. That was it. Because of all the things I might be….a quitter is NOT one of them! So, I marched myself right back to the studio….angry at being such a wuss, and grabbed some supplies and went at it. An hour later….I have made remarkable progress on two projects, and I have my confidence back.

Life can be difficult at times. I have my share of that…sometimes I think maybe more than my share. But I am a stubborn southerner…and I will NOT be beaten! Nothing…not life…and certainly not ART will break me. Watch out world….she’s pissed!