I first heard the phrase “denying the giver” from a friend of mine back in the eighties. She had given me something for my birthday, and I said “Oh you shouldn’t have!” Her response to that was..”You should not deny the giver.” Little did she know that she gave me much MORE than the small gift! I think about that phrase from time to time.

This morning I was thinking about it in reference to a lady that attends the same Bible study that I do on Wednesday nights. She is wheel chair bound, and has little to no use of one of her hands. But every week she goes around to each person and gives them a backrub. This past week, I saw someone tell her that they did not need a backrub and almost never do. That scene stuck in my mind. Her “gift” to the people around her, is rubbing their shoulders and back. That’s how she gives back to us. I also thought that maybe she just needs to touch a person in an acceptable and caring way. I seriously doubt if she receives that very often. We all need to touch other people, but in this time and in this society, it isn’t always acceptable to physically touch those around us. That makes me kind of sad actually, because I think human touch is necessary to our existence.

I do not deny the giver. I like the touch…and I always thank her for that priviledge. And I thank my sweet friend Mary Kay, who is not with us any longer, for teaching me such a valuable lesson!