My normal morning routine, is to get up and meditate and journal. The meditation time is usually what sets my mood for the day, and the journaling reinforces that. In between those two things, I happened to watch and listen to a youtube video called “You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley” by the Fairfield Four, which is a misnomer or someone can’t count because there were five of them.
When I went to journal after the video, I could tell that I was feeling some negative energy, so I wondered why? That started me thinking about the spiritual energy that is connected with music. As I was journaling this, I played the Bruce Springsteen video “If I Should Fall Behind”. Immediately, my energy level improved.
Two videos. One spiritual and one not. However, to my surprise, I felt like the Springsteen video was the spiritual one. The lyrics “should I fall behind wait for me” (Springsteen)or “you got to walk it by yourself” (Fairfield Four) emit two drastically different ideas about our relationship with each other. As fellow travelers on a journey through life, I am more comforted by the loving thought that if I fell behind, someone would be waiting to help me through. Thinking that I have to “walk it by myself” is a cold and lonely thought.
Then I started thinking about how we choose things in our lives and the effect our choices have on our own spiritual energy. Do we stop to think about what we are feeling and how it fits? Or do we make our choices on what we think is “traditional” or more acceptable? I think it is time we slowed ourselves down and became more aware of what feels right! That is one of the ways God lets us know that we are on the right path, because it feels right. If something is making us feel negative, you can pretty much bet that isn’t coming from God.
DISCLAIMER: This is how it works for ME. You have to walk your own path, but I promise you, that I will keep watch, and if you fall behind…I will wait for you….