Sometimes life offers you up some of the sweetest moments, if you look around for them. I have several that are indelible in my memory, and tonight, yet another one was offered to me….much like a gift of frankincense, gold or myrrh….
I was sitting at a table in the fellowship hall of the church I work in, and I was talking to the lady who was the church secretary. I happened to look over at the stage…and there laying on the stage, was a young father who had just gotten off work, and on his chest was his young son. Both of them so relaxed, and sleeping as if there were nothing to worry about…safely tucked away in the bosom of their family and friends. Legs and arms were everywhere! At the end of his busy day, the young father had picked up his sleeping young son and had grabbed a few moments of well needed rest for himself.
I know that the little boy will not remember this, but I certainly hope that the Father….who was oblivious to those around him, will always remember how it felt to have the weight of his young son on his chest, and his arms wrapped around that little body. I know I will never forget it….