I was sitting here thinking, and in my head I had this sort of imaginary conversation with someone who was going through some very hard times, and wanted to know how to achieve peace. ( I was specifically thinking about a cousin of mine, that I know could really use some peace in their life.)

“I cannot help you” was my response.

In despair they said, “Then what am I to do??? Who can help me?”

“No one can. You must help yourself. You must find your own path to peace.”

That is the one thing that I have really come to understand these days. That no matter what dogma we follow, or what “religion” we profess to be, you can NOT be enlightened within it unless you go inside of yourself to find your own truth. There may be many people on the same path, but you should ALWAYS make sure that the path you are on is the one that resonates truth within your soul.

Each of us has to live our own dogma, and only we know for sure what that dogma is, and in the knowing of that, I believe that we must never think that someone else’s path is some how “wrong” because it is different than ours. We don’t know what their own personal  “truth” is.   It would be an error for me to think that my way is the ONLY way.  That the path I walk was not made for everyone to walk, but is MY path.

I am at peace these days.  I have realized that instead of mourning the time I am spending alone (12 years now) that I have been given a gift.   The gift of time to find out what is really important to me, and how to find peace within each moment that I draw a breath. So, I am grateful for this time by myself…because I am really NOT alone….