I know this girl. I know her WELL now, and scarecely at all when the picture was taken. She was so innocent, but she didn’t know it. In this picture, she was about to have her whole life changed and she was totally unaware of that as well. The innocence would be ripped right from her and the harsh reality of life would strike with full force.
I am so proud of her! In times when her heart was breaking, and her body was changing with impending mother-hood, she managed to come to some sort of unconcious decision, that she would NOT give up. So she pushed her heartache away, grabbed her bootstraps and went on. She had no other alternative. Her whole family was full of women who hid their heartache away and went on…it was in her DNA.
Later on in her life, that which she had hidden away began to seep back in. So she went deep inside of herself to see if she could mend it. What she thought was just scars on her heart, was actually a deep festering wound.  So she began the process of healing. Finding comfort in a relationship with the Creator, and letting the healing energy of His creation seep into soul. Day in and Day out. One moment at a time. Poetry, literature, art, nature, …all pouring its healing energy into her soul, so that one day…she woke up and found that her wound was healed over…and the scar…altho was still there….was not as bad as she had feared.

Today this girl has regained her innocence and she stands in the Light of creation knowing that each moment is precious.  NOW is the only reality there is. What was in the past…is in the past….and the future is an illusion.  “Don’t worry…be Happy!”–