I have been starting my days differently lately. Oh, I am still waking up before the alarm goes off, and I am still sitting down at the computer. But instead of surfing or chatting or whatever, I load a guided meditation and start breathing. Deeply. All the way to the bottom of my lungs. A full 10 minutes of breathing in and breathing out, gently pushing away any thoughts that might come and calming my chattering mind.
After my meditation, I opened up Facebook to see if anything exciting had occurred overnight. (I am so easily excited!) My friend Robin had posted a video of Derek Redmond’s race in which he tore his ham string but still completed the race. The pain is obvious on his face, and his father came down on the track to help him to the finish. The video is set to the tune of Josh Groban’s song “You Raise Me Up” which is an awesome tune! The video is so awesome and his pain is so intense, of course it left me bawling like a baby.
I can not remember a time, when I was unaware of the pain of others. I always seem to know when someone is hurting emotionally, or physically, and quite frankly, it is a little overwhelming at times. This “gift” has seemed like a curse most of the time. Until this morning.
Maybe it was the meditation and the state my head was in, but this morning I realized that I could be grateful for my awareness of the pain of others. By helping them bear their burdens, I realized….that someone is helping me bear mine too, when they get too heavy for me. (Ok here come the tears again!)
So, thank you Father. That I might bear someone elses pain…knowing that You are bearing mine….